To Do list

To Do List. Beginning of course

  • Come to class
  • Browse or read this blog and jot down your questions to pose in class
  • Print the C1 Resource Pack and bring it to class (it costs about 5€ including binding). C1.1s: we will be reading all of the cards in class together so you can ask as we read. C1.2s: last year my proposal failed, people didn’t explain their cards, so perhaps we should start the year reading it all in class together, after you share the OP you prepared for us on your Summer Work
  • Find the portable technology you need to listen to Engllish on a daily basis (podcasts, videos, etc.)
  • After you are acquainted with the methodology: get two ring binders: a light one to bring to class and another to file old stuff at home, so the other doesn’t get that heavy. Start thinking about how to organize your notebook and what you will be using it for. I’m suggesting a ring binder because in this way you can organize your notes
  • Browse the Talking People Podcast to see what it has, and start listening to its episodes. You can listen to the same audio as many times as you need
  • Start your Listening Log: include any audios/audiovisuals you work on
  • Start your Reading Log: include the different kinds of texts you read
  • Get the book you need to read in the first half of this course
  • Download the course templates and get acquainted with them
  • Register on the TP eCampus and subscribe to the Reading Club