(8) Education for Equality

Education for Equality is a crosscurricular subject we address in every academic year.

Ejemplo de Trabajo de la transversal de Coeducación

In class, all of our learning happens considering we have to include many human beings as such, against what patriarchal culture has taught us throughout a great deal of centuries! Thus, we learn about women’s work, thoughts, achievements, too. (See list of materials used in the C1 courses so far – under construction)

Let me start by illustrating! Here are language activities that allow adult learners to develop a feminist intelligence.

In Spain, as the law establishes, because we live in a democracy where human rights are respected to some extend, we have the crosscurricular subject of Coeducación, Education for Equality. In this course, this means that considering women have been left out of patriarchal history for centuries, with all that that entails, we will be using women’s work as often as we can: their analyses in all fields of knowlege and the arts, in social and natural sciences, technology and sports, etc. Whenever you undertake any assigment, consider, if possible, using materials related to people excluded from patriarchal praises: the whole of the group of women for sure, but many other people as well. We need to develop a more accurate self-image of who we humans are, develop a liking to all the people we left out, an appreciation, because on top of it all, we have used their lives and work to construct the good things we have in our human world. Patriarchal society on its own would have ended in self-destruction many centuries ago, for all the violence it exerts, in the ideas it educates us in, the words it pushes us to use and not to use, the attitudes and actions it welcomes. The further you move along this path, the better you feel about yourself and others, for we realize that we can be better, speak better, behave better, more constructively, more rationally, more empathetically. That is why in our School the Coeducación project is called: Developing a feminist intelligence. This course will help you do that, and as you do it, please, share what you learn, think, and feel about the matters. It’s all a complex process and communication around it is key, sensitive but fundamental! Be kind to yourself and others and do communicate! Don’t reject women just because you fall into the ideological trap of considering them a topic, not what they are: half of humanity, as diversity as any human community.

If you haven’t clicked on any of the above links, you should know at least this, about our herstorical I Semana Cultural Feminista, the first of its kind in public/state-run education in Spain:

la propuesta de Coeducación para el curso 2019-20, conocida por todo el mundo desde que a mediados del curso pasado nos dimos cuenta de que no podíamos con todos los objetivos, fue enviada a las representantes del profesorado en el C.E. para que se presentara ahora en junio y aprobara si procediera. Trata de lo siguiente: que en el curso que viene CONTEMOS lo que hemos hecho en dos formatos: el multimedia de un blog, Blog I SCF: http://semanaculturalfeminista2019.wordpress.com/, específico para la Memoria de la I Semana Cultural Feminista de la pública en España, y en una publicación escrita que luego veremos si presentamos para que nos la saquen en papel, pero que como mínimo la sacaríamos en pdf. Para todo esto formaremos comités editores el año que viene, que además organizarán la recogida de información.

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