(7) Exams: Training

Our approach to exams is not what Exam Culture says we should be doing. Exam Culture destroys curiosity and love for learning, making people unable to keep in touch with what they revised for most of the times.

Passing Certificate Examinations happens at the end of two years and is a logical consequence of having worked enjoying your use of English, so if you are in the C1.1 course, forget about exams now and simply work on your English. Our methodology and learning includes training for exams, without talking about exams or doing exams!

If you are in the C1.2 course, you will have some Exam Workshops. Orals will run through the year, like writing (prepare last year’s writing file to bring to class one day). After the winter hols, we will do different kinds of tests so you can train in different formats, and you will design a Listening and a Reading Test for your classmates, in small groups. For this purpose, now, as you listen to podcasts or read articles, remember to include in a folder called “Exam Wkshps” any material that might come in handy when you have to design a test! It’ll be fun and you’ll be walking “in the enemy’s shoes”, a great source of relevant information! 😀

  • Resource materials from La Junta’s website.
    For c1.2s: GuiaAlumnado2018_19.
    EXAM WORKSHOP 1: SPEAKING. Pack of orals. PTECs June 2017: ING_C1_EIO_Jun2017. Given out in Sept, and the beginning of Oct. Students will work on them as indicated in class, present their handouts for correction at the end of October at the latests, and perform as a pretende speaking test in November (or sooner, you need to book a date!) This is the video channel we have for publishing any of this work, if you like: https://vimeo.com/eoiteachersharingherwork

Everybody, C1.1s and C1.2s alike, should keep up with the methodology we are using, because it’s designed to help you train in several exam-related skills without having to spend the day talking about exams.

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