UL from “Friends”

The TV Series Project (checklists and tips)

You can post here your highlights of the Useful Language you jot down as you watch the TV Series Friends. You need to mention who says the line, the number of the episode and of the season after each LINE in brackets.

Example: “Why does everybody keep fixating on that?” (Ross, Friends 1×1)

You can add an explanation.

Example: Ross’s question is about his wife being a lesbian, so it comes as no surprise people notice that (fixate their attention on that!).

This counts for your marks on Listening and if you share it in class, for Speaking too.

With all of the lines, we will create podcast episodes at the Talking People Podcast, so that everybody can listen and repeat and get fluent and accurate in conversations!

Choose your lines considering this: improving your conversational skills, and expanding your everyday vocabulary.