The Rebecca Solnit Project for C1.2s

My notes for the Before Reading Your Book: How to work on books you read (2 pdf pages)

  • For 2019-20 C1.1’s: Book 1: the Wangari Maathai autobiography – Some of my personal language notes as an example for students
  • For 2019-20 C1.2’s: Book 1: Room, a novel by Emma Donoghue (Please, don’t watch the film / forget about the film; and please don’t discard reading this book till I explain why it’s a relevant read)
  • Plus a Book 2 you find on the Reading Club TP eCampus. You need to read a minimum of two books in the school year. The second book can be a collection of stories and poems, too.

On the Talking People eCampus I created an online “course” with forums where I posted info about the books I suggest. You can sign up / register + subscribe to the course, and then use the forums for reading, finding resources and posting your own.

  • Reading Club on the Talking People eCampus. I always try to include audio/audiovisual materials too, and you could help!

More Reading

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