Writing Assignments / Tasks by month:

  • C1.1s in September: write about English in your life
  • C1.2s in September: tell me about your English last summer

  • C1.1s in Oct: writing/speaking game: My 10 Statements (true or false?) + introduction to the world of written texts (reading my notes)
  • C1.2s in Oct: writing workshop 200 words on spring – to learn about approach and originality, and textual structure and types of texts.

  • C1.1s in Nov: the Ngozi Project
  • C1.2s in Nov: I wanted to do something for the Employability December project but people were not much into this project, so I recommend people have a look at my two writing workshops below and prepare a writing of their own pick! 🙂 Remember to include the Task Description, please, with the word limit.

  • C1.1 in Dec: C1_WritingWkshpTask_ReasonedOpinions (1 page)
  • C1.2 in Dec: LearningtoWrite_02_paragraphs (4 pages)


Our writing workshops will be guided by training in learning to write different kinds of texts, so they will include all kinds of writing exercises and also students explaining how to write a particular text, sharing info on its structure, format and useful language if relevant.

Workshops in class: some writing exercises for learning about different kinds of writing, reviewing structures, developing creativity, gathering ideas, training in word limits…

  • Brainstorming, mind maps, outlines
  • Games: the 10 statements, what would this person be, Surreal conditionals/definitions/poems/stories…
  • Minisagas (stories in 50-exact words)
  • Descriptions in 100 words (10% above or below this word limit is OK)
  • Reasoned opinions in 200 words (10%)

Individual monthly writing assignment in the course.

When students do their OP to explain how to write a kind of text, Optional exercises to finish at home. Writing a type of text in the format and structure of a different kind of text:

  • Writing a job application letter as if it were an informal letter
  • Writing a poem as if it were a post-it note
  • Writing a story as if it were a recipe

Teamwork Workshops: creating our course Newsletter!

News stories
• In class
• In a nutshell
• Local – Regional – National
• International
• Planetary

• Crosswords
• Wordsearches
• Spot the sanitary pad/tampon!
• Classroom Diary
• Fav TV-movie lines
• Horoscope (funny)  Cartoons Games

• Travel (Andalucia, or other)
• Politics
• Science
• Technology
• Social Struggle
• Human Rights
• Sports
• Entertainment
• The Arts
• Health Issues
• The Weather
• Humanstory (History & Herstory)
• On Language & Languages

Get Creative!
• Poems
• Minisagas
• Stories
• Comic

Extraordinary people
• Bios
• Interviews
• Stories (memories, anecdotes…)
• Fav quotes (including women)

Food, culture & entertainment (reviews)
• Exhibitions
• Restaurants
• Night Life
• Day time Activities
• For kids & teens
• Books
• Music
• Cooking
• Events

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