C1.2 Diary

Taking turns, students can post here what happened in class and/or what materials we used.

First lesson. Sept 24: we said our hellos, and listened to everybody for a bit, on their hols or on their work with their English. I presented two ideas for projects: a teamwork OP on employability for three teams, and a book/audiovisual project with Donoghue’s “Room” (reading) and the TV Series “Unbelievable” (listening) – see the C1 Materials blog for more, and also the Reading Club. I also reminded students they could get the self-study textbook for developing language awareness (check out Language Awareness on this blog) of which the C1 items are and finding guidance for what to look for when reading and listening to materials (Lists of UL). Finally, I asked students to write a piece on their English in the summer, including a top line where they write down the GROUP & Course Year and their name. I also reminded students some of them had an OP to share, and that all of them were invited to start sharing individual OPs, from 1 to 3 minutes, or longer.

Second lesson: I hope people volunteer to do the diary here. I’m planning to present the Exam Workshop that will run through the year – orals. (See Exam Workshops on this blog).

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