1. Start your listening log: L&R: Start your Listening Log now!

Your listening work is key for

  • Learning to understand different accents & ways of speaking
  • Improving your fluency (&spontaneity) & accuracy* when speaking

*Improving your “grammar” (accuracy in morphosyntax) and your grammar in use (functional grammar), WHICH heps you improve your writing, too, because oftentimes, people fail writing tests because they have frequent grammar mistakes below the level.

  • Improving your understanding of oral texts, their structure, format, register, associated language…

You need to hand in your listening log at the end of each month. Download my template, or find it in the C1 Resource Pack & adapt it. Ask in class, or show us.

  • Use the Talking People Podcast to make sure you practice Listening & Repeating UL for improving accuracy & fluency. Here is a list of suggestions to get you started!
  • Use your lists of Useful Language (UL) from what you listen to or read (see examples on navbar), which can be aimed at overcoming fossilized grammar mistakes but also at making your language range richer!

Ask in class