C1.1 Diary

Taking turns, students can post here what happened in class and/or what materials we used.

First lesson. Sept. 23: Everybody introduced themselves, which was interesting and interactive! As people made mistakes, I gave them feedback for their List of Mistakes (LoM), introducing in this way one of our methodological resources to work on overcoming fossilized mistakes, and also to learn to listen to ourselves as we speak, so we can fix our mistakes. I also gave some General Info on the school, which will continue next day. I asked students to write a piece for me, about their English (see whiteboard below, left-hand side), including a shared top line with basic information: group, year, name + email.

Second lesson. Sept. 25: It was a beautiful lesson, where we learned a bit more about each other and the world in conversation! Dear students, please post your notes for the diary of this lesson, if you like. I think our highlight was watching this Björk video and listing people for upcoming OPs! (Thanks, María and Carmen! If any of you like, you could post the name and title of the OP) For me as a teacher, Charlotte’s comment on the impact of what I was explaining about evaluation and learning was a gift!

Oct 2: Recap for C1.1s – Handouts given out, Tasks we’re working on, Getting & Using the course materials




12 thoughts on “C1.1 Diary

  1. Third lesson.October 2.
    Luckily Michelle was back after a short sick leave.We reviewed the plan,which you can check on the whiteboard(picture) and Michelle told us how OP work.She also explained how to book a date for them.We had a look at the C1 Resource Pack and we also welcomed a new classmate who reminded us of former English teacher Marta.Finally we had a lot of fun reading out loud iur statements and trying to guess whether they were right or wrong.Homework: read Evaluación continua(photocopy) and start reading Resource pack.Have a nice weekend !

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  2. Last Wednesday class we did the following tasks:
    Charlotte spoke about student association called “Siglo XXI”. She explained its advantages such as conversation club once a month, cash prizes and better prices in some shops as copy print, Alfil cinema, car wash etc.. All for only 5 €per year.
    During the class, 3 of our classmates, Rocío, Melania and Alicia decided to do their 10 statements. Rocío used phrasal verbs because she need to practice with them. For example:get by(manage), put on kilogrames(overweight), eat out, etc.
    Melania said she was hipochondriac however nobody thought it was a true statement but it was!. Alicia surprised us doing skate-diving. Pending OP in class to speak about it. This exercise is very interesting because it makes us to know each other better. Good atmosphere!


  3. And last but no less important, we learned a lot of vocabulary for instance:
    . MUST, A police officer should say:
    “you cannot park here, please.
    if he/she says” you mustn’t park here”. It’s like he/she is angry…
    . Multicolour/color lovebird called “agaporni” (Melania)
    . You need references when you don’t know the person who you, re going to rent your flat. You reluctant…… (Carmen)
    . You live in sin. (vivir en pecado) (Alicia)
    Don’t forget to watch TV series “friends”, talking people podcast, Wangari book etc

    That,’s all folks!


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