(6) Language Awareness

We learn “grammar” with our LoMs and lists of ULs… with our listening & reading work, and speaking and writing practice. At times we reflect upon language, not only its grammar, and this is what we call “developing language awareness”. To understand this read the C1 Resource Pack, and also ask in class.

For future lessons

An example of what we do with Useful Language to learn/consolidate grammar and textual matters: Narrative structure and sentence structure with Morrison’s A Mercy (Writing Workshop for two days)

Quick notes on things happening in class

  • C1.1s: Mission 1. As you watch Friends, FIND…
    Cases of linking like Squeeze ‘er in
    Sentences using MODALS like Shall I call her?

  • C1.2s: Dictionaries_NewEntries (2 pages + list of activities to exploit these notes. Don’t print it, I’ll have it on the screen in class).

Grammar. For the two years of study we have (C1.1 and C1.2) so that students reach an advanced level, I recommend you use, for instance, this self-study textbook.

We’ll talk about how to work on it in class because it’s not about doing half of the book one year and the other half the next. For the moment, get it with the key because it won’t be about us checking your exercises in class, but about connecting language awareness of C1 language items to the materials you use for learning (audio, audiovisual, written) and us solving questions you may have about mistakes you made or things you did not quite understand.

For people whose B2 level is not well consolidated, or who have fossilized mistakes below the level, I recommend they do all the units they find useful of the same book but for the intermediate level to improve or consolidate their level:

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