I am a Spanish civil servant working in non-compulsory public language education, Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas, in Andalucía. My cultural background is mixed: I also have the US American nationality and have traveled the world using my English & my Spanish! ❤

Here is my free wordpress blog with links to my work shared on the net: the Micaela Ford Blog. Thank you, wordpress!

I keep free course blogs on wordpress so that learners find support outside the classroom, because language learning at the advanced level is necessarily part of our everyday lives, and some have difficulty with this idea or its implementation.

But I have my own website, too, Talking People, where I have a podcast & an elearning campus for my students.

I welcome sharing my / our work for free on the internet because I believe violent ideas, attitudes & behaviors would be greatly reduced if we chose to build Socities of Knowledge.

Curiosity, cooperation in learning and the nonviolence in being open-minded can make our lives much more enjoyable & interesting, and this can improve who we are & our relationships.

Be kind to yourselves & others: make the most of our time together! 🥰

Enjoy this extraordinary learning journey! 👐🏾😍🤸🏽‍♀️💜💕

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