Blog for C1.1s!

Dear C1.1s!

I was impressed when I got your 17 email addresses. Thanks, Mel! Thanks, dear all! ❤

I thought that was well worth a blog of your own, so that’s what I have just created. It’s here: And this is the banner I did for you. But you can create more banners, of course! Can you explain the items? 😀 Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Blog for C1.1s!

  1. Blushed face! ❤
    Well, yesterday I was very upset because of a surreal problem at work, and I was getting my migraine again, and then I tried to think of nice things, nice people, nice activities! And saw your email and all that enthusiasm, and was so sorry about you not having a substitute teacher yet… So I started creating the banner. Setting up the blog was quick for me because wordpress gives you the skin, you don't have to create it! So that was fast. What takes time is filling it all with stuff! But that's your job now! 😀 So well, it was kind of a therapy.
    I hope you all enjoy it and make the most of having it!
    Big hug! ❤

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