News, about teachers & Eval Cont

Dear students,

As you know I’m on a sick leave and Albert is your new substitute teacher. We are in touch and I’ m really happy and relieved he is in charge now. I hope you all enjoy your time together. About how long this will be, unfortunately, I can’t tell. The doctor decides that. So we all need to be flexible and make the most of anything and everything! But here’s an idea that might help us all, about Eval. Cont.: as you know, E.C. in our course is not about passing or failing exams but about getting ticks for work done and shared or handed in. You always need to use our feedback for overcoming mistakes and other improvements, by using your LoM, and this is why the teacher gives you your checked work back and keeps a copy. We will see later on how many ticks you need to pass your 5 subjects evaluated in the term, but I would like to consider flexibility with people more or less attending class or following the course to compensate the fact that you had no teacher for a month, and that always has all sorts of onsequences. We might then require ticks as explained in my notes on Eval Cont for a month or two. So work hard and joyfully, learn as much as you can, and we’ll talk about this later on.

Make a list of who handed in which writings to me, and the orals you shared and were ready to share (pending). And then keep a record of your work with Alberto. He & I also have our notes on this.

Thanks, Alberto, for all! 😍👐🏾🤸🏽‍♀️👍

Big hug to all!

1 thought on “News, about teachers & Eval Cont

  1. Dear all,
    As you know we have a new teacher, until Michelle joins. I am going to write a summary of what we have done these days. If I forget something or I am wrong about something, please correct me.

    *Thursday November 7.
    – Introduction yourself in class.
    -Listening activity. Watching the vídeo Advantages of a bilingual brian, Mia Nacamulli. To answer the questions and talk about this.

    * Tuesday November 12.
    – Listening activity. Vídeo about Remembrace Day/ Poppy Day.
    – Talk about Violence. Why? Reasons……

    *Thursday November 14.
    – Listening a son. Brothers in arms -Dire Streiits. Filling gaps.
    – Past Time Uses. Work in groups. Reading a copy and explaining it. Doubts. Questions….

    I hope you find it useful.
    Have a nice weekend!

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