UL from COVID19 News

White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing.
PPE. Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as “PPE”, is equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses.
We rely on ventilators.
On the subject of ventilators, …
… making the best of the situation
You were on the call.
Coronavirus pandemia
It’s the second-highest number of cases…
They’re desperately short of …
Law-makers are already debating…
Do you find yourself holding your tongue?
We’re undermanned* and underprepared
Face masks
God willing.
Let us know how we can help.
… turning a stadium into a jail for violating lockdown.
… spraying sanitizing liquid.
Send our love to them.
Pain-killing drugs
New deaths today
Total deaths top 4,000
Does wearing a mask slow down the process?
Makeshift tent hospital opening in NYC’s Central Park.
We hope to see a turnaround.
Who are we intubating?
… a significant surge in cases.
Stay home, stay safe.
Breaking news
8 people have tested positive.
Testing is …
In mid-April
People should be more appreciative of … efforts.
Officials are strongly considering to urge people to wear masks, to practice social distancing.
The president is expected to issue new guidelines.
It’s stressful to follow guidelines.
You’ll be next in line
But we’re a hotspot!
A parking garage becomes a field hospital.
One of the most critical shortages, ventilators.
We’re even running out of oxygen!!
… preparing for expected surge of patients.
Nursing staff runs short.
Doctors fall ill.
We’re hearing some worrying reports on…
As we have a little time, we’re using it to look ahead.
Mitigation is working and will work.
We’re setting up schedules.
The life-saving work you’re doing…
The lack of resources…
They need a supply of medical workers.
If there were plenty of masks available…
More importantly, …
This is tough but it is the answer to our problems.
We’ve got 30 days to slow the speed.
Don’t feel discouraged.

Testing for some NHS staff (UK)
Testing keeps staff away from work when they’re most needed.
A 13-year-old has been hit by the virus … it’s not known if he had an underlying condition.
As the covi seeps into our everyday life…
It’s been 4 weeks since …
…turned into an isolation centre…
…two out of every three people live in slums…
Staying indoors, social distancing
Millions who can’t afford … will be the worst off.
There will be tough penalties for breaking the quarentine.

News, about teachers & Eval Cont

Dear students,

As you know I’m on a sick leave and Albert is your new substitute teacher. We are in touch and I’ m really happy and relieved he is in charge now. I hope you all enjoy your time together. About how long this will be, unfortunately, I can’t tell. The doctor decides that. So we all need to be flexible and make the most of anything and everything! But here’s an idea that might help us all, about Eval. Cont.: as you know, E.C. in our course is not about passing or failing exams but about getting ticks for work done and shared or handed in. You always need to use our feedback for overcoming mistakes and other improvements, by using your LoM, and this is why the teacher gives you your checked work back and keeps a copy. We will see later on how many ticks you need to pass your 5 subjects evaluated in the term, but I would like to consider flexibility with people more or less attending class or following the course to compensate the fact that you had no teacher for a month, and that always has all sorts of onsequences. We might then require ticks as explained in my notes on Eval Cont for a month or two. So work hard and joyfully, learn as much as you can, and we’ll talk about this later on.

Make a list of who handed in which writings to me, and the orals you shared and were ready to share (pending). And then keep a record of your work with Alberto. He & I also have our notes on this.

Thanks, Alberto, for all! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ€ΈπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ‘

Big hug to all!

News & About Migraines

Dear students,

Today I sent the info I got from my GP about my sick leave. He’s given me another two weeks. I hope it’s the last but I’m not sure… πŸ˜₯

I do hope you get a substitute teacher, but as you already know, if you browse this blog or read the C1 Resorce Pack, you’ll get plenty of ideas & materials to use your English every day, which is a must in the life of an advanced independent & resorceful lifelong learner! 😍

I do miss being healthy and being in class with you all, for all the good things we share in that special space! πŸ₯°

I’ll try to upload more materials or answer questions if no teacher is sent. If a techer is sent, please tell this person I’m more than willing to assist him or her in any way. Do help her/him, too, sharing your work & ideas!

I’m sending you all my best wishes!




About my migraine: I got my first migraine when I was 7. The pain sped up my small skull as I squatted to pick my comic book. I fainted. It was the only time in my life I’ve fainted! I never had that kind of pain again in my life. But later on we all guessed it could have been my first migraine! I was told I was given a shot that day. When I woke up I was very hungry!, gobbled up a very long French bread sandwich, and was back to normal!

Last year I was really happy. After my menopause I just had to take my migraine meds once every two months or a bit more often, and consequently suffered no pain — it was controlled and kind of dying out!

The neurologist has now confirmed two important pieces of information. One is that my migraine is genetic. The other, that it’s becoming chronic relates to the fact that my sleep routine was broken. I think stress can also claim its toll. I’ll be requesting protection in terms of working shifts, because we have very positive legislation. Let’s hope for the best!

The Rebecca Solnit Project for C1.2’s

Dear C1.2’s,

Today I bumped into Almudena at hospital. It was so good to see her in spite of the fact we were both ill!! ❀

Well, I’ve had a look at some material we did not work on together last year, and fixed it further and I think you might want to use it these days to do some reading, language work and listening, until we meet again and decide on stuff. Please, feel free to request or suggest whatever. I’m doing tons of resting and relaxing, but I can also “practice working” for a few hours a day! So this is precisely what I’m doing now!

Have a look! Of course, feel free to work on whatever it is you want to do. Just don’t NOT work on your English. English is part of our everyday lives at the advanced level, right? ❀

Hugs for all!

Absent again

Dear all,

Oxygen at the A&E!
Migraines can be hell-on-Earth! After getting oxygen & some shots at the emergency ward (A&E)

I’m in hospital. They’re trying to stop this 6-week migraine 😰😱🀯 and today we’ve made some progress! πŸ‘ It’s my first hour with no pain. πŸ₯³πŸ˜

I won’t be there next Monday and Tuesday. And probably Wednesday and Thursday, too, BUT

you’ll get an email from the School confirming my absence if that is the case, AND

you don’t need me all the time, so please, consider meeting in class to read together the C1 Resource Pack — it’s precious for your learning — and comment and prepare questions, for instance. Ana, the janitor, can open the room for you.

I hope to be in tip top form the following Monday.

Hopefully, you will have been using your English like merry maniacs and I’ll be celebrating your progress as I listen to you all and answer your questions.

Have a lovely bilingual week!


News & Blog Updates: C1.1 Diary

Dear all,

These days I’m also working on the editing of the Celebration of Learning Orals C1.1s shared last year in class in May. These will be published on our Departament’s YouTube Channel, EFL Learners Speaking English, so you can all watch them.

I’m having trouble with the video converter, because it was free, but now it’s not, so I need to find a new one. Any ideas? Thanks!

I just updated the C1.1 Diary, but we need to talk, because I would like to have different students posting the lesson diary. If we are from 15 to 32, I’m sure you won’t be burdened with this task, because each one will only get to do it once or a few times in the year! Please, let me know what you think.