UL from COVID19 News

White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing.
PPE. Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as “PPE”, is equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses.
We rely on ventilators.
On the subject of ventilators, …
… making the best of the situation
You were on the call.
Coronavirus pandemia
It’s the second-highest number of cases…
They’re desperately short of …
Law-makers are already debating…
Do you find yourself holding your tongue?
We’re undermanned* and underprepared
Face masks
God willing.
Let us know how we can help.
… turning a stadium into a jail for violating lockdown.
… spraying sanitizing liquid.
Send our love to them.
Pain-killing drugs
New deaths today
Total deaths top 4,000
Does wearing a mask slow down the process?
Makeshift tent hospital opening in NYC’s Central Park.
We hope to see a turnaround.
Who are we intubating?
… a significant surge in cases.
Stay home, stay safe.
Breaking news
8 people have tested positive.
Testing is …
In mid-April
People should be more appreciative of … efforts.
Officials are strongly considering to urge people to wear masks, to practice social distancing.
The president is expected to issue new guidelines.
It’s stressful to follow guidelines.
You’ll be next in line
But we’re a hotspot!
A parking garage becomes a field hospital.
One of the most critical shortages, ventilators.
We’re even running out of oxygen!!
… preparing for expected surge of patients.
Nursing staff runs short.
Doctors fall ill.
We’re hearing some worrying reports on…
As we have a little time, we’re using it to look ahead.
Mitigation is working and will work.
We’re setting up schedules.
The life-saving work you’re doing…
The lack of resources…
They need a supply of medical workers.
If there were plenty of masks available…
More importantly, …
This is tough but it is the answer to our problems.
We’ve got 30 days to slow the speed.
Don’t feel discouraged.

Testing for some NHS staff (UK)
Testing keeps staff away from work when they’re most needed.
A 13-year-old has been hit by the virus … it’s not known if he had an underlying condition.
As the covi seeps into our everyday life…
It’s been 4 weeks since …
…turned into an isolation centre…
…two out of every three people live in slums…
Staying indoors, social distancing
Millions who can’t afford … will be the worst off.
There will be tough penalties for breaking the quarentine.

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