Useful Language from Sex Education

  • Actually I’m going to walk. I love walking
  • You better learn your lines = Más te vale aprenderte el papel
  • Are you sure there’s nothing else you wanted to talk about?
  • It is possible to reignite passion
  • My mum, she’s staying with me
  • I’ve been trying to call you
  • What do you call a …?
  • That s their loss = Ellos se lo pierden
  • I messed up with you
  • I’m very happy for you
  • This is tricky (unfastening a bra)
  • I don ‘t mind being on my own. I can look after myself
  • You always came up with the most original ideas, but you never had any self- believe
  • We could do some father- son bonding
  • Please come, I want you to see how well I’m doing
  • We need to find a spot near a source of water(Camping)
  • Try and relax
  • I’m doing a vagina workshop
  • We have casual sex = A veces nos enrollamos
  • Can you give me a hand? Why would I do that?
  • You said you wouldn’t take long
  • She told me she has feelings for me
  • This way = Por aquí
  • Even we did not actually have sex, we kissed
  • Ask Google, like everyone else
  • You’re a real dick, you know = Eres un gilipoyas, sabes
  • It’s OK to admit we are lost
  • You’ve cheated on her again and you had no place to go
  • Please, never leave us again!
  • I think we got it wrong = creo que nos equivocamos
  • We should be friends
  • Are you breaking up with me?

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