News & Blog Updates: C1.1 Diary

Dear all,

These days I’m also working on the editing of the Celebration of Learning Orals C1.1s shared last year in class in May. These will be published on our Departament’s YouTube Channel, EFL Learners Speaking English, so you can all watch them.

I’m having trouble with the video converter, because it was free, but now it’s not, so I need to find a new one. Any ideas? Thanks!

I just updated the C1.1 Diary, but we need to talk, because I would like to have different students posting the lesson diary. If we are from 15 to 32, I’m sure you won’t be burdened with this task, because each one will only get to do it once or a few times in the year! Please, let me know what you think.

Blog Update – Novel

I forgot to mention that I have included the link to the C1.2 novel on the page above called “Reading”, so everybody buys the same copy. ❤

Blog Updates & Reminder

  • I have written the C1.1 and C1.2 lesson diaries for our first lesson together. Every student should volunteer to do this, so don’t be shy!
  • I have updated the page called Exam Workshops (for C1.2s).

Reminder: everybody should be handing in a written piece this week, about your English! Remember? 😀 The dealine is the first lesson next week. You need to respect deadlines, because they relate to respecting the teacher’s work and training for becoming a better student and worker!