For C1.2s on December Teamwork Project & Proposal of Oral Mediation Task for October

As I think that my proposal on the Employability project did not go down well, I’ve designed the following Writing Workshop on Jazz, by Toni Morrison to work on in November so that you can share your teamwork projects in December. Please, have a quick look asap so you can bring this issue up in class this week! ❤
Check this out: (first download)
And we can come back to the world of employment after the winter holidays.

As you well know, I get nervous when I see people don’t find the time to work on their orals at home, particularly to overcome fossilized mistakes under the level, so supposing you are not into preparing your individual OPs on your summer or any other topic of your choice, my proposal is you work on this challenging 4-minute talk by taking notes so we can create its transcript (please, don’t cheat, we’ll work together in class, too). This talk uses vocabulary for many of the topics you are required to speak about in certificate tests, and includes the crosscurricular subject of Education for Equality: Federica bianco on How we use astrophysics to study earthbound problems. Furthermore, it’s about science and technology, and creative human minds!

For C1.2s – Important

For C1.2s not coming to class: I would like to ask you, to please let me know if you will. If you are taking a year off (because you know you can take this course again 2 more times) please, let me know so I can cross you out for practical purposes this year. Here are the initials (family names first): CMMA, JMMJ, QRMI, VLJJ, VMRE, LMR.

About Tutorías: my time for you is on Tuesday after our lesson, so we need to see who’s coming. I’d like to talk to (Just mentioning names of people who’ve come so far): JBA, MJMT, RSA, RCM, VPMI, FLML.

Blog Updates & Reminder

  • I have written the C1.1 and C1.2 lesson diaries for our first lesson together. Every student should volunteer to do this, so don’t be shy!
  • I have updated the page called Exam Workshops (for C1.2s).

Reminder: everybody should be handing in a written piece this week, about your English! Remember? 😀 The dealine is the first lesson next week. You need to respect deadlines, because they relate to respecting the teacher’s work and training for becoming a better student and worker!