The Tale of the Voice, by Emma Donoghue

L&R: Start your Listening Log now!

Prepare your Template for the Listening Log and start keeping a record of your listening work. Here’s some help!

Consolidate your grammar by listening and repeating to these episodes a few times in the week (2 hours daily, finding little moments in the day, combined with watching TV series, videos on the net, listening to radio programs/podcasts….) Get organized and jot this work down in your Listening Log, to hand in at the end of the month if you wish to qualify for E.C. We will notice your English (spoken, written) improves and consolidates as you use it with us!

There are many more audio materials on my podcast, the Talking People Podcast, for your perusal. Feel free to take advantage of this great resource to help you impove your FLUENCY AND ACCURACY when speaking English!