The Tale of the Voice, by Emma Donoghue

Room, by Emma Donoghue


This is the reading project for C1.2’s this year. Here is an example of personal work after reading the novel.

News & About Migraines

Dear students,

Today I sent the info I got from my GP about my sick leave. He’s given me another two weeks. I hope it’s the last but I’m not sure… 😥

I do hope you get a substitute teacher, but as you already know, if you browse this blog or read the C1 Resorce Pack, you’ll get plenty of ideas & materials to use your English every day, which is a must in the life of an advanced independent & resorceful lifelong learner! 😍

I do miss being healthy and being in class with you all, for all the good things we share in that special space! 🥰

I’ll try to upload more materials or answer questions if no teacher is sent. If a techer is sent, please tell this person I’m more than willing to assist him or her in any way. Do help her/him, too, sharing your work & ideas!

I’m sending you all my best wishes!



About my migraine: I got my first migraine when I was 7. The pain sped up my small skull as I squatted to pick my comic book. I fainted. It was the only time in my life I’ve fainted! I never had that kind of pain again in my life. But later on we all guessed it could have been my first migraine! I was told I was given a shot that day. When I woke up I was very hungry!, gobbled up a very long French bread sandwich, and was back to normal!

Last year I was really happy. After my menopause I just had to take my migraine meds once every two months or a bit more often, and consequently suffered no pain — it was controlled and kind of dying out!

The neurologist has now confirmed two important pieces of information. One is that my migraine is genetic. The other, that it’s becoming chronic relates to the fact that my sleep routine was broken. I think stress can also claim its toll. I’ll be requesting protection in terms of working shifts, because we have very positive legislation. Let’s hope for the best!

The Rebecca Solnit Project for C1.2’s

Dear C1.2’s,

Today I bumped into Almudena at hospital. It was so good to see her in spite of the fact we were both ill!! ❤

Well, I’ve had a look at some material we did not work on together last year, and fixed it further and I think you might want to use it these days to do some reading, language work and listening, until we meet again and decide on stuff. Please, feel free to request or suggest whatever. I’m doing tons of resting and relaxing, but I can also “practice working” for a few hours a day! So this is precisely what I’m doing now!

Have a look! Of course, feel free to work on whatever it is you want to do. Just don’t NOT work on your English. English is part of our everyday lives at the advanced level, right? ❤

Hugs for all!